What’s New at Ink Tank? A Brand New Business Launch!

Ink Tank was around to announce the upcoming launch and opening of ML-Truck Equipment Ltd to stakeholders via Global Newswire and multiple industry publications. The business officially opened its doors early this year in Abbotsford BC as the authorized sales and service network for IAB cranes, Moffatt Forklifts and Multilift Hooklifts in British Columbia.

Website written, corporate identity created, applications completed, messaging developed,  tools and forms and mud flaps and decals and signage and warranties and checklists and brochures prepared and a website complete in a short timeframe was both challenging and rewarding.

Kudos and thanks to Steve Parr and Mike Cloke for pulling out all the stops while balancing other work. 
Of course, we’re just beginning. Stay tuned for more news on our new client.

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