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A wall sign saying, "Thrive: We're not that."

How This Personal Training Business is Thriving Beyond COVID-19

A lot of Ink Tank’s time this past year has been dedicated to helping our clients through the changes the covid-19 pandemic has wrought on their businesses, small and large. With Thrive Fit, that meant flipping their personal training business entirely online, readying to reopen, closing again and communicating with members.

It’s been a challenge, but with careful planning and innovative strategies, they have not only survived but thrived. So, when the owner suggested taking advantage of the gym closure to brand and redo the personal training business’ interior design, we could not have been more excited.

Thrive has built its personal training business around the importance of a positive attitude –serious about workouts and outcomes and lighthearted in outlooks. The updated design introduces spots of vibrant colour that breathe life and energy into an otherwise calming environment.

An inspirational quote reminds members not to take themselves too seriously and be proud of who they are and where they are in their fitness journeys. A photographic mural inhabits the back wall and is a subtle nudge to keep going. And the brand philosophy Ink Tank developed for the personal training business lays bare everything they believe and live by as a unique fitness studio model and a unique brand.

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