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Our SEO Rant

We wanted a simple website, figuring it would help you get some of the nice things our clients say about us. Like that we’re patient, accommodating, effective, easy to work with and make it fun.

But in these Google-eyed and Meta-madness days, if we want to be seen for more than our creativity, award-winning work, exacting standards and unrelenting customer service, we need to bow to the browsers and the algorithms.

If we want to spread the word about our years of strategic branding and design experience and expertise beyond our name-dropping client list. Communicate the stories we’ve told in ways that are sizzling, heartfelt, meaningful, mind-changing, game-changing and inspirational. The brands we’ve helped break through and built up. The campaigns that are tweeted, shared, followed and lauded. That make an impression. That we measure.

If we do, we have to include this and that and all the search terms and phrases. Like Branding. Print. Radio. 

Online. Digital media. Social Media. Advertising. Annual Reports. Articles. PR. Promotion. Package Design. Communication Tools. Brochures. Billboards. Event Management. Conferences. Corporate. Retail. Industrial. Manufacturing. Government. Non-profit. Startups. National. Global. Food. Pharma. Cannabis. Cleantech. Healthtech. Heavy Equipment. Sustainability. Real Estate. Architecture. 

And other more serious stuff, like strategic planning, story development, copywriting, coaching, contentcreation, concepts, design and illustration. Research, rendering, typography, timelines, starching, metadata, marketing, mentoring, layers, colour theory, creative suite, citation and compliance.  

Deep breath.

Contracts, budgets and schedules. Logos, headlines, taglines, positioning and pagination. And the acronyms: 2D, 3D, iDD, Ai, PS, SEO, NDA, FB, LI and IN.

We need to kowtow to keywords – just one of those annoying, pretentious terms, like IDEATION, that comprises our buzzword blacklist. They confuse people, make them uncomfortable, can get clients confused with ‘perceived’ experience. We like to keep it real.

So this is our SEO story. We do it all but don’t want to clutter and confuse our website.

Our work speaks for itself.

We hope you’re happy, Google.


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