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Thrive Fit

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The Challenge

After many years in the fitness industry, our client had decided to go it alone, and had taken on a few one-on-one personal training clients in a small space under the brand ‘Forever Young.’ He had big growth ideas, but this was not a sustainable concept – particularly in the glutted fitness industry – where businesses open and close at an alarming rate. He had big ideas but needed help to get there.

“People love to win. If you’re not totally clear about the purpose of what you’re doing, you have no chance of winning.”

David Allen

Getting There

Building a brand from nothing is very personal, fraught with all the trauma of birthing and raising a child. Many emotional and passionate conversations resulted in Thrive: a name, a belief and a goal.

We created a unique business model, brand and marketing approach that would attract the clientele he wanted, the staff to support them and the community to embrace them. It was a five-year plan to build that community to capacity and sustain it, making a genuine long-term change in people’s lives.

Where We Train

The Result

And together, we did it. At the five-year mark, Thrive had met its goals – all of them. The founder was moving toward coaching, speaking and helping others to understand the unique Thrive model.

Then came COVID 19. In a very short time, we had to take a personal small business to a distanced small business and keep it going. We’re there as well. Providing powerful messaging, communication and trusted information to current members was critical to flipping over to online coaching. It also created an opportunity to grow the business, bringing proven, customized nutrition and personal training to a broader community, while nurturing meaningful social connections through closed Thrive slack and Facebook groups.

We’ll continue to Thrive together – no matter what comes our way.

What clients say.

There is more to brand than a logo! Jacqueline was instrumental in helping me make a major mind shift in the way I understand and implemented brand into our business. We are in a saturated market and with Jacqueline’s help we have clearly differentiated ourselves and created a unique business model. In addition to the above statements Jacqueline has provided unrelenting support, long term business strategies and unique brand-driven creative that has transformed our business and helped us to meet all of our five-year goals. I highly recommend working with Jacqueline Spicer.
Brian Kotoka, Founder, Thrive Fit

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