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Canada’s largest and fastest network



Canada’s largest and fastest network

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  • Strategy

  • Brand Development

  • Identity

  • Sub-logos (Conference, Education)

  • Education Materials

  • Advertising

  • Big Ideas

  • Press Releases

  • Articles

  • Communication Tools

  • Annual Reports

  • Corporate Interiors

  • Event Materials

  • T-Shirts/Incentives

The Challenge

Established as Canada’s largest and fastest network, this not-for-profit served many universities, secondary schools and health networks. Orion had many brilliant existing initiatives and events, including conferences, youth innovation awards and educational activities. They were at the forefront of innovation, but this was not visible in their communication efforts or their offices. The brand lacked any cohesion or anchor.

“Innovation: Imagine the future and fill in the gaps.”

Brian Halligan

Getting There

Big ideas. The concept of an unlimited number of big ideas, facilitated by the Orion network, became the anchor upon which to build the brand. Innovation has no limits. The possibilities are infinite: big data and big connectivity enable all that to happen. Our goal was to help grow the network, tell the stories and present them in ways that looked and sounded as dynamic as the stories and successes themselves. And make all that was visible to the public and stakeholders as exciting and innovative as the organization itself.

The Result

Finessing their logo and creating integrated sub-brands and identities for their various initiatives helped bring cohesiveness to the brand. Producing wall graphics, 3D signage and modifying their interior space had an immediate impact on visitors – it was clear they were entering a space of high energy and lofty ideas. T-shirts, event materials, big idea profiles, advertising, public relations, web input, social media input, annual reports and corporate materials got the message out to stakeholders. Orion was able to connect to its fullest.

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“Innovation: Imagine the future and fill in the gaps.”

Brian Halligan

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