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The Challenge

Croplife Canada

Croplife Canada is a the trade association representing the manufacturers, developers and distributors of plant science innovations – pest control products and plant biotechnology – for use in agriculture, urban and public health settings. 

The organization required focused brand-building, positive brand awareness and a broad range of communication materials for its many ongoing initiatives, programs, issues, events and audiences. Farmers needed to do better with stewardship of their empty pesticide containers and bale wrap. They required education on modern farming techniques, water and soil management. Consumers needed to understand Minimum Residue Limits and the safety of our Canadian produce. Manufacturers and distributors needed to label their products and spread the word.  Membership needed building and ongoing communication. Parliamentarians needed to get on board to build a sustainable vision for Canadian agriculture.


Cleanfarms began as a stewardship initiative for our long-term client CropLife Canada to reduce and safely recycle empty pesticide containers on farms across the country. But it didn’t end there.

“What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

jane Goodal

Getting There

Over 12 years, Ink Tank worked with CropLife to create an identifiable brand that resonated with all audiences and crossed all media from broadcast to annual reports, white papers to websites. We partnered on public outreach with major trade show booth design, displays, mascots, advertising and consumer campaigns. We reached out to parliamentarians through invitations, reception materials and key messaging. We brought diverse audiences together through focused, year-long event campaigns and materials at annual conferences.

And we launched innovative new initiatives that grew legs of their own. Cleanfarms required a name, an identity, key messaging and a focused, integrated communications effort aimed at the entire value chain: farmers, manufacturers, distributors and government.

The Result

Croplife Canada significantly increased its presence and profile, both domestically and internationally. Together we built and communicated an established education program, a strong identifiable brand, products and services, impactful creative and meaningful dialogue with all stakeholders. And we won a few awards for them along the way.

Cleanfarms was a success right out of the farm gate. So much so, that it quickly outgrew its parent organization: within one short year, we collaborated with the CropLife / Cleanfarms team to launch Cleanfarms as an independent entity. The program, name and identity were picked up by multiple countries, requiring translation and new graphics. A style guide ensued. We launched a website, produced packaging labels, planned events (from rural fairs to the Royal Winter Fair), helped get government onside, created a mascot, developed point-of-sale (in multiple languages), and bumped up print and digital marketing, and advertising efforts. Its stewardship efforts grew to include a range of agricultural and marine products. It earned accreditations. And we touted their success in annual reports, powerpoints and other key documents.

Cleanfarms today is one of the most highly respected stewardship organizations in the country.

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