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Atlas Polar

National manufacturer/distributor of truck-mounted equipment


Atlas Polar Company Limited

It’s All About Quality

Our Services

  • Rebrand + Corporate Identity

  • Brand + Marketing Strategies

  • Launch of Associate Company

  • Product Naming

  • Product Identity

  • Public Relations

  • Digital Content, Blogs + Social Media

  • Signage

  • Corporate + Sales Materials

  • Traditional + Digital Advertising

  • Displays + Events

  • Incentive Items

The Challenge

Atlas Polar was already the number one truck-mounted equipment sales and service network in Canada – a result of top brands, unparalleled customer service and loyal, highly trained staff. What they needed was strategic and creative direction and execution to refresh their brand, increase awareness, increase sales, retain customers and show them to their best advantage. The goal was to remain number one and grow.

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it.”

Peter Drucker

Getting There

Atlas Polar is a testament to endurance of Canadian industry. Founded in 1938, they introduced the first HIAB truck-mounted crane to Canada in 1953 and have never looked back. Refreshing this proud family brand required trust and sharing, many conversations and a nod to both history and future: an evolution, not a revolution.

They had built the business to number one through pure hard work, great people, product and service, with little marketing, advertising or promotion – in any media. It left lots of room to build.

The Result

Over more than 11 years, Atlas Polar has added innovative new products, launched new sister companies, and seen competition increase. Their major brands have continually evolved their products.

They look as good as they are, communicate it well and consistently across multiple platforms and traditional marketing and remain number one in their industry in the country. They’ve expanded, grown and continue to retain their loyal customers. They have the top rankings on Google. And they continue to support us at Ink Tank as we stand beside them.

Thank you, Atlas Polar.

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What clients say.

Ink Tank’s solid strategic advice, outstanding creative and content help communicate all the great things that make us #1 in our industry. Jackie and her team have changed the face of our national brand, helped us launch integrated new products and sister-companies, and given each a strong, clear voice and presence. From corporate and brand identities, trade shows, outdoor, signage, advertising, PR, social media, digital content, sales and marketing tools to the simplest forms and decals, her integrity and responsiveness are important strengths that we value. Plus, she’s a lot of fun to work with.

Steve Parr, Product Manager, Atlas Polar Company Ltd.

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