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We are Your Partner

end-to-end brand solutions, from strategy, through creative and execution

Our Team

Led by Jacqueline Spicer, Ink Tank’ solid core of professionals has helped a surprisingly diverse clientele, from start ups to global brands in the B2B, B2C, government, non-profit and charitable sectors, to break through and rise – for more than 30 years. We could name drop if we had to.

Our Methodology

Ink Tank® provides end-to-end brand solutions, from strategy through creative – without extravagance, politics or ego. We th[ink] differently. We break through brand clutter, misconceptions, old ideas and ineffective creative. And we help you to do the same.

“Breakthroughs Need Better Thinking”

We provide unwavering honesty and support to help our clients th[ink] differently about themselves, their brands and their audiences. The sky’s the limit when you get out of your own way.

Jacqueline Spicer, CEO

Our Philosophy


To know your brand, audiences and competition, we all need to reach beyond pre-conceptions.

be positive.

Making great things happen is hard work but it should also be fun. We love what we do.

step out of the box

Embrace new possibilities and begin to see your brand from truly unique angles. You need to be memorable and recognizable without your logo. Are you?

th[ink] differently, don’t decorate.

New creative alone doesn’t deliver results. If the brand, content and strategy are not there, you’re left with just another disappointingly pretty package.

move boldly.

Many good ideas are never realized because we assume they aren’t possible. Making the impossible possible requires th[ink]ing differently.

spend wisely

Good stewardship of resources just makes sense – for everyone. No matter the challenge, we’ve been there and know how to do it effectively and cost efficiently.

share openly.

Educate, learn from one another, and be transparent. Have integrity in all things. Celebrate the successes that got you here, work together to overcome the challenges and pay it forward.

be socially responsible.

It’s good business – and it’s the right thing to do.

have a strategy for all things.

Ensure they’re brand-driven and make sense.

treat every client and project equally

Large or small, every effort receives our best.

be a true partner.

It’s all about the relationship and we count some of ours in decades.

Let's discuss your next project

Whether your brand is brand new, evolving or established but stuck – come play with us. We’ll break through together.
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