Hiring Right Is More Than Just Filling a Role


All too often when a company needs to hire, they place an ad in all the usual places, grab the most seemingly relevant top few from a deluge of responses, and rush to fill the position so that they can carry on with ‘business as usual’.

The problem with that approach is that during the rush to the finish line, they might just be overlooking some really great candidates. They don’t step out of the box and as a result, are locked in the same attitudes and ways of doing things that may have caused them to be looking, and address short-term needs while missing the big picture.

We’re branders. We bring companies around to a strategic new way of looking at and thinking about their companies, products and services, precisely so that they can get out of that box and be more competitive – for the long-term.

However one of the things we notice is that it takes time and effort to stay consistently on track with that rebrand. It’s tough, there’s no denying it. Especially when people have been hardwired with certain training and messaging –just having said and done things the same way for many years – often in an industry that follows that path as well. Recruitment is one of those areas that can fall by the wayside – categorized as “not really being part of the brand.” But it is. A big part.

So we were surprised, but really pleased recently when a client we re-branded threw us into a human resources role when they were looking to hire a new sales manager. They wanted to build and sustain a consistent brand and recognized how important it was that anyone hired needed to be a true fit for the company and the brand going forward.

We posted an ad – a little more creative than would be expected. That was normal. What was less normal was stepping up to a request from the client to vet the responses and play an active role in the interviewing and selection process. We were honoured by the level of respect in our relationship that request implied.

The client saw that this hire was a chance to get out of the box and bring their recruitment in line with their brand. They were open to the idea of looking at a variety of people with different strengths and backgrounds who might have fewer preconceived ideas and set ways of doing things. And they got the importance of finding a philosophical and personality fit for the team as a whole.

So we defined that person. Who were they? What were they about? What mattered to them and to us? What was needed now versus a year or five years from now, and how would that play out? To whom would the person appeal and what did that say about the company and the brand? Important questions that are often neither factored in, nor considered.

In the end, our client found their fit, and their fit found them. That decision will in turn make them the fit for the kind of clients and business partners they want.

It took some time.  In some ways it held them back, but in business, as in life, patience will be rewarded.

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