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The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same


Small is the New Big

smallisgood

Protecting Your Brand: The Uphill Battle Of Keeping Your Eyes On Your Fries

There are all kinds of ways to tread on someone else’s brand–knowingly or not. From ‘borrowing’ to parody to outright trademark infringement, Read More...

Finding Good Value: Invest In People Not Processes

Like any investment in services, when you hire a strategic communications firm, the intrinsic value that will be realized has more to do with the rela Read More...

Parity…Believe It Or Not, That’s The Mantra Of Most Agencies.

I am the sports fan on our team. And as such I listen to a lot of sports talk radio.  You may not always agree with what they say, but one thing they Read More...

Do-It-Yourself Marketing Is Almost Always A Recipe For Failure

Small to medium sized businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. They are generally populated with true entrepreneurs. They have a real passion for Read More...

Building A Web Site That Actually Builds Your Business – Starting at the Right Place.

Two of the things that most clients know the least about is the process and the costs involved with building a proper web site. The key word here is p Read More...

The True Value Of Relationships

Part of the reason we write these blogs is to give our existing clients and potential clients some insight and perhaps a bit deeper understanding into Read More...

In like a lion and still roaring

2013 has come in like a lion! We're talking to new clients and revamping our website. We're continuing with a series of advertising and e-marketing ca Read More...

To celebrate our 27 years in business, we’re sharing 25 things we’ve learned to help you successfully create and market yours

Since 1984, 26 years and counting, !nk Tank has developed logos, built brands, launched new products and services, packaged, promot Read More...

November 2009

November 2007
Canadian Agri-Marketing
Association Award

Best Crisis
Communication, Issues
Government Relations

November 2007
Grow Canada® Vision

October 2007
Marketing Awards
Gold in Campaign Category
The Insurance Bureau of Canada

Clio Awards, New York
Silver in Newspaper Advertising Category
Continental Airlines

Chicago Retail Marketing Association Awards
Gold in Newspaper Category
Loblaws Corporate Advertising

Marketing Awards
Silver in Public Sector Newpaper Category
Shop Canadian

Marketing Awards
Gold in Retail Newspaper Category
Sayvette Stores

Golden Sparkplug Award
Contribution to Product Share Growth

Golden Sparkplug Award
New Product Launch Campaign
Ivory Shampoo

One Show Awards, New York
Silver in Trade Press Category
Dow Styrofoam Testimonial Campaign

Marketing Awards
Silver In Campaign Category
Dow Styrofoam TV & Print