BRAND AID: Bringing brand to the forefront for entrepreneurs at HumberLaunch

Despite two hours sleep last night, I was happy to greet a sold out crowd of entrepreneurs at HumberLaunch this morning who were hungry to learn more about branding their business. @humberlaunch
Attendees came from a cross section of businesses at various stages in their development. I spoke with an interior designer, a team builder (a shining symbol of one of the examples used in my presentation), a retailer, and a food manufacturer to name a few. Inspiration abounds! And so does the typical confusion about brand and its place in the business and marketing mix.
Everyone seemed engaged, and I hope they were. The comments thus far have been positive, although I was misquoted on a couple of very important points – easily corrected. Q&A lasted well beyond the allotted time. The line up afterward was lengthy and I ran out of cards, so it would seem to be a success.
And for me, it was. If I can bring brand to the forefront for these entrepreneurs, it will save them time, money, frustration and discouragement and help them to build an enduring brand that resonates with everyone.
brand aid

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